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World's Best and Most Affordable 30,000 US Dollars HSCT Treatment at World Class Hospital in India

HSCT Stops MS – Get Back your Quality of Life

HSCT Hospital India – a JCI – USA Accredited World Class Facility pioneered HSCT for MS treatment in India in 2016.

Large number of MS patients from Europe, America and Australia already treated successfully.

HSCT Hospital India Offers World’s Best and Most Affordable HSCT for MS and other Autoimmune Diseases. High Quality Services in an unmatched all inclusive package.

HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation) is a very promising treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. HSCT attempts to “reboot” the faulty immune system, which is responsible for damaging the brain and spinal cord in MS.

87 % of the MS patients who were followed for 4 years after undergoing HSCT had no more relapses and lead a healthy and normal life.