Real Story of Athena B from Tunisia who came to Artemis Hospital, India for HSCT Treatment

HSCT TreatmentI researched HSCT groups on Facebook and received encouragement from previous patients who had HSCT at Artemis Hospital, India. After I thoroghly checked out the website, I applied in December 2017 and wa offered an appointment to arrive at Artemis on March 11, which I confirmed immediately.

My decision was done and I was impatient to get the treatment as my case of SPMS was getting worse every month with no alternative classical solutions.

The staff took me in charge as soon as I arrived starting receiving me at the New Delhi airport.

Nurses and doctors at Artemis are really lovely people : always available, responding to each demand, competent and very efficient.

The treatment is very safe though it’s not easy but everybody at Artemis was so encouraging and helpful. The follow up of HSCT transplant and its secondary effects were very efficiently managed by the medical and nursing team of Artemis Hospital.

I’m back home from India and it has been 3 weeks now, I’m recovering well and working regularly with a physiotherapist to optimize the treatment results as recommended. It’s still early days but I will be happy to share with you all my future progress after HSCT at Artemis India.

Best regards,

Athena B from Tunisia.

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