Real Story of MS patient from Canada who came to Artemis Hospital, India for HSCT Treatment

Four years ago, Janet was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a permanent degenerative disease of the spinal cord and brain. Prior to MS, she lead an active lifestyle and held two jobs, home-schooling children and working as a machinist.

Prompted by an episode of vision loss and stroke-like symptoms, doctors had no idea what was wrong. Although diagnosed in her early 40’s, the doctors had suspected the disease lingered for decades prior. The initial treatment was a standard treatment as a first line of defense – that cost $25,000 annually, with hopes at slowing the progression of her type of MS – RRMS, Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (which is a pattern of continual decline with bouts of remission). The funding was provided by insurance and local organizations. After this proved ineffective at stopping the progression of the disease, Janet was forced to change treatment, which lead to a treatment that cost $55,000 per year. With her disease progressing, no longer being able to work, and requiring daily assistance at our home, Janets family were was left looking for alternative options. Recognizing the risks with taking MS treatment (potentially speeding the progression of the disease upon withdrawal), and the financial cost associated, the future was dull.

HSCT TreatmentNew research has shown great hope in HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation). We quickly did everything within our power to research the therapy and its effectiveness.

This type of therapy has been investigated in clinical trials in Canada for approximately 14 years – however it is long before this therapy will be available to Canadians. So far, treatment with HSCT has been greatly effective for a range of MS patients, particularly for those with RRMS (Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis).

Patients that are unable to walk, are slowly losing their speech, and are at risk for further decline have not only been able to halt the progression of the disease – but in some cases, also repairs the damage done by MS.

HSCT TreatmentAfter a failed attempt to get into an on-going clinical trial for HSCT in Canada, Janet was forced to look elsewhere. Upon discovering that this treatment is available elsewhere, Janet submitted an application and requested information. Accepted to the program, Janet was relieved that treatment was available. The one thing lacking was the necessary funding for this treatment.

The cost of the treatment is approximately $80,400 USD. After years of being unable to work and depending solely to support her family, funding this treatment by the family was not an option. Janet misses teaching and felt that HSCT was her last resort at having her life back.

Janet’s family happened to discover a much more affordable option and decided to come to Artemis Hospital in India for HSCT. Her daughter who is a student accompanied her and very diligently kept a diary to record their experience on the following blog

How is Janet doing now ?

HSCT TreatmentFive months after HSCT Treatment in India – Janet updated her Case Manager in India.

“Hello Lis

I had a MRI a week ago , September 18 2017. I showed no new lesions, and repair had begun on the left side of the brain. I was not expecting such good news. Thank You Janet”

Janet has created a Facebook page as below which she has been updating from time to time

You must check out the above Facebook page as it vividly conveys how Janet’s life has changed so much for the better after HSCT Treatment in India.

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