Mr David from USA shares his experience 11 months after HSCT at Artemis Hospital, India.

HSCT TreatmentMy MS journey started like most people. My daily symptoms included numbness in my legs and feet, speech issues, chronic fatigue, balance and dexterity just to name a few.

I was constantly thinking of my future with MS and the prognosis did not look good. I wasn’t going to leave it up to the Gods to determine my fate, I still had some fighting to do. HSCT was a family decision as well as a deep personal one.

I went through the treatment at Artemis Hospital in India. After I returned home, I did what the hospital asked me to do to get healthy again. I am now eleven months post HSCT.

Recovery is slow but for me its truly a blessing. I am excited about the little things. I have feeling back in my feet and legs. I am not using a walker any more. My balance is almost normal. I have mostly clear thoughts and my stuttering and word find is significantly reduced. I am sleeping less than I used to and my energy levels have increased.

I am not going to tell you that this will surely work for you, but I will say this: At Artemis Hospital there is a better than average chance that if you are committed to getting back to normal, this is your best choice. I wish you well in your journey and I hope this helps in your decision process.


David Karczewski From USA.

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