SU from UK shares his experience of Successful HSCT for MS at Artemis Hospital in India

HSCT TreatmentFollowing extensive research into stem cell therapy for MS, Artemis hospital was found to be a possible option for treatment.

We were unable to access comparable treatment in England due to not meeting the qualifying criteria and the costs of private therapy was prohibitive. We had lengthy correspondence with all the hospitals on our list, offering this treatment.

Every question that was put to Artemis was answered within 24hrs and in detail. No question had to be asked twice. With this feedback it gave me confidence in the consultant, his team and the procedure they carry out and we decided that Artemis was able to provide the most comprehensive package that met our needs.

From time of arrival at the airport in Delhi every care and support was offered to ensure that our needs were met. There was a period of detailed physiological testing to ensure that I was fit to undertake what proved to be an arduous and exacting procedure.

Once the decision had been made that I was suitable for the programme the treatment was started immediately. Twice daily visits from the consultant and his team ensured that treatment was tailored to meet the individual’s requirements.

Throughout the stay all staff, nursing, medical and support were professional, friendly and attentive offering a personal touch. Diet is (for the patient) limited but dieticians are on hand to help with making choices.

Anyone considering taking this path needs to be aware that with the need for frequent monitoring throughout the 24hr period normal sleep patterns are lost, putting a physiological and psychological strain on both patient and attendant. There is a requirement for flexibility to allow nursing staff to maintain vigilance for any changes in the patient’s condition and subsequent variation in treatment to ensure optimum recovery in the time available.
Following our return to England, Artemis has continued to be available to answer any questions we have and monitor blood results.

Best regards,

SU from UK.

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