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Multiple Sclerosis is a complex condition that affects the central nervous system and disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.

MS can affect the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves. Progression of MS can cause problems with vision, balance, muscle control, and other basic body functions.

MS or Multiple Sclerosis affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide, including 400,000 Americans alone.

HSCT STOPS MS – ​How does HSCT Treatment work ?

HSCT or Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant is a scientifically proven treatment currently available that stops disease progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

HSCT involves ablating and then regrowing your immune system, using your own stem cells.

The “reboot” of the immune system has so far shown positive results to halt further progressive damages of the brain and spinal cord due to MS. Recent studies have shown that patients who have received HSCT have reported significant reduction in disability progression.

87 % of the MS patients who were followed for 4 years after undergoing HSCT Treatment had no relapses and had no further worsening of their level of disability.

HSCT TreatmentWhy​ you should consider​ Artemis Hospital, India for HSCT​ Treatment for MS ​?

HSCT Treatment1) HSCT Non-myeloablative protocol at our hospital in India is a combo of Autologus Stem Cells + Chemotherapy with complete patient stay in hospital, great care by our specialists and nurses. After discharge from the hospital no further follow up Chemotherapy transfusions are required.

2) The center has performed a large number of HSCT Treatments for MS with good outcomes. Quick Appointments are confirmed, once patients are approved – LOW WAITING PERIOD.

3) BMT Unit rooms are very well served for patient and attendant’s comfort and equipped with HEPA Filter with Triple Level Air Filtration.

4) Most Affordable HSCT for MS Package of 33,000 US Dollars – Great Value for Money.

HSCT Treatment33,000 $ HSCT India Package

Artemis Hospital is Accredited by Joint Commission, USA

HSCT Treatment

We aim to deliver world class patient care through medical excellence in a Patient-centric environment.

  • Ensure high standards and safety of treatment during the patient’s stay.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement through implementation of robust clinical and non-clinical process and protocols.

Success Stories of Artemis HSCT

Real ​Patient​s – Real Stories

Artemis Wishes Marie from Norway a very happy and healthy life ahead… Warm farewell to a very brave person.

Watch this video in which Christa from USA shares her experience of traveling all the way to Artemis Hospital in India for HSCT treatment. HSCT Stops MS.

Gudrun R from UK shares her valuable experience after HSCT for MS at Artemis Hospital India

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Real Story of MS patient from Canada who came to Artemis Hospital, India for HSCT Treatment

Four years ago, Janet was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a permanent degenerative disease of the spinal cord and brain. Prior to MS , she lead an active lifestyle and held two jobs, home-schooling children and working as a machinist.

The initial treatment was a standard treatment as a first line of defense – that cost $25,000 annually, with hopes at slowing the progression of her type of MS. After this proved ineffective at stopping the progression of the disease, Janet was forced to change treatment, which lead to a treatment that cost $55,000 per year.

With her disease progressing, no longer being able to work, and requiring daily assistance at our home, Janet’s family was left looking for alternative options. After doing a lot of research, they finally decided for Jant to come to Artemis Hospital for her HSCT treatment in India.

Read more about Janet’s HSCT Journey to India …Click here

Warm send off to Mr Victor from UK after HSCT at Artemis Hospital

Everyone is happy and smiling at Artemis Hospital, India as Mr Victor Halls from UK leaves for home after HSCT. We wish him a very healthy and happy life ahead.

Thanks to this fantastic HSCT team of doctors and nurses at Artemis Hospital India who has treated me for my MS and put a stop to it I am going to be able to get my life back I know that it’s going to be a hard work but I am ready for the fight I’m back baby watch me

Thank you Lis for all your help. ….Victor & Allison from UK

Read more about Victor’s HSCT Journey to India …Click here

Artemis Hospital organises the EBMT​ (European Society for BMT) Regional Conference at New Delhi

Artemis Hospital organised the EBMT (European Society for Blood & BMT) Regional Conference at New Delhi on 26th and 27th May 2018.

EBMT Conference which was led by our Director of Hematology, Dr Gaurav Kharya as the Organising Secretary was very well attended and provided a great opportunity for academic learning and sharing of clinical experiences between International Faculty and Indian Hematology specialists

EBMT Regional Conference in India was a rich academic event specially focussed on latest developments in the field of HSCT and Cellular Therapies.​

The session on HSCT for AIDs was addressed by Dr John Snowden from UK. Check Out Video …Click here

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