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MS Patients from UK share their experience about HSCT treatment at HSCT Hospital India

SU from UK shares his experience of Successful HSCT for MS at HSCT Hospital India


Following extensive research into stem cell therapy for MS, HSCT Hospital India was found to be a possible option for treatment.

We were unable to access comparable treatment in England due to not meeting the qualifying criteria and the costs of private therapy was prohibitive. We had lengthy correspondence with all the hospitals on our list, offering this treatment.

Every question that was put to HSCT Hospital was answered within 24hrs and in detail. No question had to be asked twice. With this feedback it gave me confidence in the consultant, his team and the procedure they carry out and we decided that HSCT Hospital India was able to provide the most comprehensive package that met our needs.

From time of arrival at the airport in Delhi every care and support was offered to ensure that our needs were met. There was a period of detailed physiological testing to ensure that I was fit to undertake what proved to be an arduous and exacting procedure. Read More…

Dinev Dimov from USA shares his experience of Successful HSCT for MS at HSCT Hospital India

Watch this video in – Ms Mariya the attendant of Dino from USA shares her experience of traveling all the way to HSCT Hospital India for HSCT treatment. HSCT Stops MS.

She is delighted with the outcome of HSCT at HSCT Hospital India and also about the excellent care she received from the Indian doctors, Nurses and other support staff during his month long stay at HSCT Hospital India. We wish Dino a very happy and healthy life ahead.

Paul from Ireland UK shares his incredible experience about HSCT at HSCT Hospital India

Paul from Ireland UK

I was diagnosed with SPMS and have been confined to a wheelchair for five years and my MS rapidly progressed over the last two year.

I researched HSCT treatments available worldwide and was accepted by HSCT Hospital to be taken up for HSCT after rigorous tests to ascertain my strength and suitability for the treatment. This was very reassuring for me and proved to me that HSCT Hospital were not just after money.

As you can imagine with MS and visited quite a few hospitals in my time.I can confidently say I have never encountered such Empathy, Understanding and Professionalism anywhere as much as I did at HSCT Hospital in India.

The hygiene and cleanliness is excellent and I noticed the cleaning regime was regular and intensive.

Read More…

Warm send off to Mr Victor from UK after HSCT at HSCT Hospital India

Everyone is happy and smiling at HSCT Hospital India as Mr Victor Halls from UK leaves for home after HSCT. We wish him a very healthy and happy life ahead.

Thanks to this fantastic HSCT team of doctors and nurses at HSCT Hospital India who has treated me for my MS and put a stop to it I am going to be able to get my life back I know that it’s going to be a hard work but I am ready for the fight I’m back baby watch me

Thank you Lis for all your help. ….Victor & Allison from UK.

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